An app for messaging and organizing your sports teams.


Team Messaging

Most apps force you to use in app messaging. Not TeamReps. I know you want to text message and email your team. So with TeamReps quickly compose group text messages and emails to your whole team, or specific individuals. Either way you get a birds eye view of your roster and back up list.

Group Text & Email Message Team

Send a group SMS or Email to your whole team quickly. I use it every week to remind the team of the game time.

Text Message Backup Roster

Uh oh, a goalie cant make it? Maybe you're short a player. View your backup roster quickly then compose individual sms messages or emails to the players you need.

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Quickly add players

You have most of your team in your phone, so select a contact and their details are added to the team or back up roster.

Pull from your contacts

This opens your contact directory, select the player and their details are added to the page.

Player Details

It is important to specify wether the player is on the roster or a back up. This determines what list the player is added to, roster or backups.


Is this player a Goalie?

If the player is a goalie, turn this on as it makes them easier to find in app. We know not all sports have goalies, if your sport is basket ball for example. Just leave it off and everyone will be a player.

Editing Players

All players information can be edited at anytime by simply tapping the players name in the team view.